I'm Karthik Srinivas. A friendly, self-motivated and passionate multidisciplinary designer specialized in visual design, branding, and illustrationMy forte is helping to build successful brands and creating engaging digital experiences.

Tech illustrations

A set of well-crafted 12 tech illustrations for your web and app projects. Illustrations are fully vector and easily customizable

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Charco illustrations

A set of 16 handcrafted illustrations for your web & app projects. This set includes most of the error, empty and success states. You can use them for free in your personal and commercial projects.

Poke illustrations

Poke is a hand-crafted set of empty, error & success illustrations for your web, app & any print projects. It comes with 10x2 main illustrations in both dark and light mode. It also includes PSD files with editable layers.

Katy wireframe kit

Quickly create web design with components based on an atomic design system. It has been built with Figma - with universal blocks, you will create your prototype without any difficulties.